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Hello. I'm Rachel Davies and I'm a published writer from Cardiff in South Wales. My interests are wide and varied - I love food, design, social history, homely things, crafts, style, music, television, traditions, new ideas, photography, how people live, stories, professional wrestling (really), rugby, ice hockey.....the list goes on. This a lifestyle blog. My lifestyle blog. And I try to bring all my interests together here with the overarching theme of food, the home and hygge. 

Cogyddes (pronounced cog-uhh-thess) is the Welsh word for a lady who cooks. I love food. No, I mean I really love food. I believe it is one of life's greatest pleasures and should be enjoyed at every stage - from the buying of ingredients right through to the eating. I share my cooking conquests and my love of food here on this blog. 

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish term difficult to explain, but it loosely translates to 'the practice of enjoying cosy things with your loved ones.' I have no family connection to Denmark, but I came across hygge while watching an episode of Coast on BBC television. I immediately understood it and wanted to bring as much cosiness as possible into my life. It's one of my ambitions to have a winter holiday travelling around Scandinavia - visiting Sweden, Denmark and Norway and witnessing the Northern Lights. 

If you'd like to contact me regarding a writing commission, writing a guest post for your blog or if just want to say hello, please email cogyddes(at)gmail(dot)com. 

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