Sunday, 5 February 2012

Packaging Crush: LØV Organic

When I first became interested in design in my late teens, I was all about modern design. I loved block colours, clean lines, shiny surfaces and minimalism. How I ever thought I'd survive as a minimalist, I'll never know. I am the epitome of a hoarder. I love 'things'. 

Over the past few years, I've found myself pulled in completely the opposite direction. All I wanted were hyper-pretty things. I have a theory on this, but it's rather personal, so I'll refrain from boring you with it. Just lately, my love of new and clever design is returning, and it feels ever so nice. Personal style is a moving target and I quite like that mine has started oscillating again. The most pleasing thing of all is that I seem to be finding a happy medium between highly feminine and contemporary, practical design. Mixed together carefully they are the best of both worlds. 

This return to a love of clean lines and block colours may be why this range of teas from French based company LØV Organic called to me. And no, that's not a French word, it's a Scandinavian word used for 'leaf'.  The bright packaging popped out of the screen while virtually strolling around the Selfridges food hall and, before I knew it, I'd navigated my way to the LØV website and ordered the sample box.  

The teas themselves are a mixed bag. I found that the English Breakfast and the Earl Grey weren't nearly as intense as my British tastes require. More pleasing are the fruit and herb based teas, which manage to have delicate flavours without feeling like they're lacking in any way. The ginger-lemon tea is lovely, as is the Zen 'relaxing' flavour, which is a combination of apple, lemon balm, blackberry leaves, orange and caramel scents. 

Most successful (according to my taste buds) are the jasmine, the mint and the rose. The jasmine and mint fill the room with their fresh scent, yet still manage not to taste like cleaning products. I've mentioned countless times my love of all things rose flavoured, and this is the first rose tea that actually smells like a bed of roses when you breathe in its steam, not something better suited to a boudoir candle. 

If fruit and herbal tea is your thing, I recommend giving the sample box a whirl. At £7.99 for 20 teabags or up to £9.99 for a 100g caddy of leaves for individual favours, they're a bit of a treat. I'm glad I scoped out what I liked before investing. Enjoy the gorgeous packaging....

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