Thursday, 9 February 2012

366 Photo Project: January 29th - February 4th

Another week in pictures courtesy of Chantelle's prompts. 

Goose fat leftover from Christmas, nestling up against less heart stopping pots and jars. If you have no goose or duck fat in your fridge, you can never hope to produce a proper roast potato. Never! 

I love when nature mingles with everyday objects. These training trousers were left outside to dry after washing, but it was so cold they froze. Not spectacular by snowy country standards, but in a place notorious for its almost continuous rainfall, quite a feat. 

In bed, no make-up, editing photos for this project while becoming the subject of a later one. You may start singing The Circle of Life now....

This picture is a double cheat. Not only was it taken on a different day to the prompt, but it was also taken on my phone rather than with my proper camera. Some mornings I'm lucky to get myself through the door and off to work. Remembering to pick my camera up too is sometimes a step too far for my sleepy brain. This is the view from my new office, but taken a day or two after the prompt, on a beautifully sunny and freezing day. It's my absolute favourite kind of weather.

This is my copy of Sarra Manning's new novel - Nine Uses For An Ex-Boyfriend. I haven't made the big dent in it that I wanted to yet, but I've made a spirited start. I love Sarra's writing. I cooed over You Don't Have To Say You Love Me here. It was my favourite book of last year.

On Friday evening I made some fruit scones for the first time. More on them in a later post. I forgot to buy orange juice so I had to squeeze some clementines for juice to soak the dried fruits in. It was a highly pleasurable (and sticky) experience!

Here's the thing. On Saturday is snowed, the Six Nations rugby union tournament started with two daytime matches, and we had a large supply of bacon baps and scones. No actual strangers were photographed, but as this was the first time all winter it had properly snowed, you could say the stranger was the snow itself.

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