Thursday, 2 February 2012

366 Photo Project: January 22nd - 28th

A little later than I would have hoped, as explained in the last post, here are my daily photos for last week.  The prompts for the coming month are here. 

I've had these pumps for ages and I wear them more than any other pair. They've been very good to me. They're so comfortable and they go with almost every pair of trousers I own. I'll be sad when they finally take their last step, which may be rather soon indeed. 

A few weeks ago while scouting around the attic, an old vanity case given to me by my grandmother appeared. She gave it to me when I was a little girl and I used to play with it. I had intended on using it, but the damp of the attic had given it a musty smell. It also wasn't in the good condition I remembered. The case was filled with the pin badges I collected as a kid. You can tell I'm a child of the 80s! 

It's so strange looking at things you haven't really paid attention to since you were a child. It's amazing how familiar an object can be when you probably haven't seen it in 20 years. I love the colours of this badge. David Morgan was a department store in Cardiff. It was the last of the old fashioned department stores in town. It closed down a few years ago and the enormous building was turned into luxury apartments and modern shops.

When I was off sick for all those weeks, I watched Wanted Down Under every morning. It takes British families considering emigrating to Australia or New Zealand to the country they're interested in, shows them the way or life, the cost of living and drums home exactly what emigrating means in terms of being away from friends and family. After I went back to work I watched the episodes on the BBC iPlayer while cooking the tea. I don't feel that guilty, but you always get funny looks admitting there's something on daytime TV you actually enjoy. 

It had been months since I last made a pizza from scratch. After making this batch, I remembered why. Making dough, creating a sauce, chopping your toppings and putting them all together takes far longer than I ever remember. They were definitely worth the time and effort though. This one was topped with two kinds of cheese, pepperoni, red onions. pointed red peppers and basil. 

I couldn't pick just one picture for this one, so I chose three. The packets are from a sample box of French tea, which I'll blog soon. To their right is a picture of my efforts to spruce up my rather drab new desk at work. The stained glass light catcher was bought on a trip to Northern Michigan a few years ago. The two cats are exactly like my own. I couldn't leave the shop without it. 

Everyone was allowed to leave work an hour early last Friday, so I waited until late to eat my lunch at home. I ate an unremarkable meal, but I ate it in my kitchen, overlooked by a lovely rainbow. It made a quiet moment feel a little more special. 

There's a street lamp right outside my bedroom window. Here it's shining through the drizzly rain on my window, right before going to bed. I love how the glass looks gilded and mottled. 

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