Saturday, 21 January 2012

Posh Pop: Fentimans

Last month I mentioned why I don't drink anymore and how I work around it. Basically, with specially brewed and expensive pop.  The first post about the drinks that saved my sanity was about French lemonade. But the nectar that got me on my way is from a little closer to home. It's the range of botanically brewed traditional drinks from Fentimans. Be still my beating heart!

The range includes a ginger beer, cola, orange drink, a traditional lemonade, a rose lemonade, dandelion and burdock, a shandy and tonic water. I'm yet to track down the tonic water. The Curiosity Cola is the best cola I have ever tasted. I get a little twitchy if there's none in the house and carry it round in my handbag. It tastes like the cola flavoured ice lollies I ate as a kid. Even Coca Cola feels like a second rate substitute when I've run out. The Mandarin and Seville Orange Jigger is gorgeous, especially when straight from the fridge in the summer. And who could resist a drink called a jigger anyway?

What I love most about Fentimans drinks, apart from the fact that they're delicious, is that the embossed glass bottles and pretty labels still make them feel special, even though I've been drinking them for over a year. I also love that they make a fantastic shandy that tastes as close to a real bitter-shandy as you can get without using regular beer and lemonade. So I miss beer from time-to-time. Hey, I'm only human.

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