Sunday, 8 January 2012

Packaging Crush: Leone

I have lost countless hours to staring misty-eyed at clever and beautiful product packaging. I say lost, but that suggests I'd like to take those hours back. I wouldn't. All those shapes, colours, fonts, boxes, bags and pieces of paper and plastic wrapping appeal to my inner design freak.  I often find myself wishing I had the rare combination or artistic flair and lateral thinking that truly successful product designers possess. I suppose I'll just have to be content with staring dreamily at their creations. 

I am a marketing guru's dream. Make something beautiful enough and I'll buy it. Encase a festering dead rodent in a well designed box and I'll somehow find a way of needing it in my life. Such a situation took place when I went to order some more La Mortuacienne lemonade just before Christmas.

I had navigated my way to the confectionery section of the department store's website and found myself faced with Leone lozenges and pastilles. I was immediately smitten without even reading the product description. Vintage inspired and foreign packaging, I have discovered, may be the most desirable of all. 

I bought a box of the peppermint, violet and cinnamon sweets. They're small but powerful nuggets of flavour, packed inside boxes not much bigger than matchboxes. The peppermint is properly fiery, which I love. I cannot be doing with mild mannered spearmint. The violet reminds me of the floral, purple cylinders of Parma Violets I used to practically inhale as a kid, and cinnamon brings back memories of the wealth of cinnamon flavoured sweets and candies I used to fill my suitcase with in America. There are lots more flavours, and as always, of course I want more. 

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