Tuesday, 24 January 2012

366 Photo Project: January 15th-21st

Happiness is crawling into a cosy, dimly lit bed after a surprisingly busy Sunday of household chores. It was also freezing cold with clear, blue, blustery skies that day. It made climbing into a warm bed extra inviting.

Putting enough face on to hopefully last the day! I love that lipstick colour. It's from the Kate Moss for Rimmel range.

It was one of those days. A taxi that was 20 minutes late, almost missed appointments, late for work, lost opportunities and a busy day of packing up my office to move to a new one. A bubble bath before the new series of Masterchef started took it all away. 

We had to move to our new office and unpack everything in a day. It was chaotic, to say the least. I figured a packet of chocolate biscuits might help attack the stress.

I was so wiped out after the whole moving thing the day before that I decided to come home from work an hour early. I felt like I was staring at the screen and zoning out. I came home, made a cup of tea and sat quietly with a couple of little Welsh Cakes for a while. It helped a lot! 

I tried taking a few candid photos of my dad, knowing that if he realised I was trying to take his picture he'd start posing. It didn't work and he absolutely insisted that he strike a comically pensive pose. This was just two seconds before the smirk he's trying to hold in spread across his face.

I have to admit I didn't take this on Saturday. I took it earlier in the week because I spotted the picture and knew 'reflection' was an upcoming prompt. It's a rain-catching barrel outside and I managed to capture the trees and blue sky above reflected in the rainwater. The out-of focus grid on top is to stop small birds from drowning. I love the overall affect. 

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