Monday, 16 January 2012

366 Photo Project: January 8th-14th

Here are my photos from the second week of my 366 Photo-a-Day project, using Chantelle's prompts. I took probably three times as many pictures this week, and for some prompts I struggled to pick just one because I had so much to choose from. 

I managed to capture this just as the sun went down. The camera lit up the sky, giving it this mellow peachy glow, and picked up the twinkling fairy lights on the bush. 

Going back to work has meant I'm back to eating from the office microwave. One of my favourite parts of being at home for a few weeks was having a nice lunch. I've been back less than a week and I'm already missing that part of my daily routine. 

This is my favourite picture of me and my brother Ceri. I love that he's wearing one of our grandma's hand knitted jumpers. I like the difference in skin colour between my hand and his face. I haven't seen any serious summer sunshine in a few years, so I'm ridiculously pale at the moment. But given the opportunity, I tan extremely well. Clearly that was a very hot summer in Wales. My favourite thing about this picture though, is that our dad was probably doing something really silly to make us laugh like that. 

Just like they seem to know exactly when I'm about to fill the food bowl, my cats seem to know when I'm going to change the bed sheets even before I do. I worked around her for as long as I could, but eventually had to slide her off the duvet. After taking a picture, of course. 

My dad's vegetable garden is in dire straits at the moment. The winter has ravaged it. But it's also a hotbed of photo opportunities. While they were producing veg, the bright green runner bean vines and leaves wrapped themselves around the bamboo poles as they grew. Now the plants have died back, it's as if the bamboo and the vines have twisted into one single object.  The whole row of straw-like ringlets looked surprisingly pretty. 

I've never been very good at travelling light. By Friday my handbag contained a Moleskine notebook, my purse/wallet, a bottle of Fentimans Curiosity Cola I forgot to drink during the day, anti-vertigo medication, mints, a Glif, a pen, house keys, rhinitis spray, my phone, a hairbrush, Stila lipgloss, a blusher brush, Clarins concealer, Laura Mercier blusher, work keys and ID card, ibuprofen, a payslip, a button from my cardigan, earphones, LUSH hand cream, Pepto Bismol, sore throat spray and a fork. You know, in case an opportunity to eat arises. 

Beginning to read A Year in the Village of Eternity in front of the fire on a really cold day. It's a book about a year of Italian food. 

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