Tuesday, 6 December 2011

On the mend

Last night I was released from hospital after being an inpatient for five days. I've been waiting well over a year for fairly significant jaw surgery and I finally had the call I'd been waiting for. This surgery had been cancelled twice before, but I had a gut feeling this one would go ahead.

I was admitted last Thursday, sliced open and chopped about on Friday morning, and I've been recovering ever since. When I'm more able to think coherently, I'll write a better blog post about it, including some lovely things about the wonderful doctors and nurses who looked after me, and some less complimentary things about hospital food.

Right now I'm pretty weak and exhausted. I found it almost impossible to sleep on the ward, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. I'm also in a lot of pain (imagine the worst toothache, then repeat it ten-fold) and my face is so puffy and swollen I hardly recognise myself. I'm avoiding all mirrors for a few days.

I'm on a very soft diet for a while, as chewing anything feels like chewing shards of glass. So it'll be interesting to see what blog posts I can get out of this experience. All I know is, after almost a week of watery soup and mashed potato, the scrambled eggs I managed to eat at home this morning seemed like the greatest thing in the world. More very soon!

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