Sunday, 9 October 2011

Rugby, bacon and very heavy bread

I got up at 5:55am yesterday to watch Wales play Ireland in the Rugby Union World Cup. The competition has reached the knockout stages, which means that if you lose, you go home. On Friday I ran out of bread and didn't have a chance to buy some more, which scuppered my plans to have a lovely bacon sandwich while I watched the match. I deliberately bought some thick, quality bacon too. To quote one of my favourite people, life is too short for cheap bacon.

I noticed that I had a packet of bread mix in the cupboard. I don't think mixes make the best bread. It's always better to make your own dough. But I had this pack to make one of my favourite things - sausages wrapped in dough and mustard and cooked in the oven. It's the classiest hotdog you could imagine. Determined to have a nice breakfast, I made my own bread using the mix while the game played out.

It wasn't the nicest bread I've ever tasted. It was heavy and failed to rise that much. It did, however, supply me with enough edible toast to cushion my poached eggs and nestled nicely against some of the best bacon I've had in a while.

Oh yeah, and we only bloody won the game! Wales are playing France in the semi-finals next week. EEP! 

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