Thursday, 25 August 2011

Little Ceremonies

When I was pushed into working part-time in January, it felt strange because I hadn’t done it in a long time. I thought having a full-time job was what it was all about. I was given Mondays off and slightly shorter days for the rest of the week. For some reason, I felt like a fraud and those days felt like holidays I didn’t deserve. After a couple of months when I’d gotten used to the fact that Sunday nights weren’t filled with the usual dread and that Tuesday morning was the new Monday morning, I quite enjoyed it. It was nice to have a peaceful day to myself (even though it put me in slight financial discomfort) and now that I’m losing it, I’ll miss it. 

I’m not being allowed to go back to working full-time and, if I’m honest, I don’t want to risk exhaustion again by doing so. But my working hours are increasing ever so slightly very soon and being spread over five days. So-long quiet Mondays. I’ll miss you, even though the extra money is very welcome. 

Ignoring next week’s Bank Holiday, this week was my last official Monday of not working. I often have company on those days, but this week it happened that I didn’t. It was just me, and luckily it was a beautiful day. At lunch time I sat doing my college writing with all the windows open and took a break to sample a special bar of chocolate I’d been saving for a yet undecided special occasion. The special occasion was the thirty minutes I took to discreetly pat myself on the back for making it through eight months I was truly dreading. I like making personal ceremonies out of quite mundane things. 

There are two flavours that will win me over every single time. Give me something that tastes of roses or Earl Grey tea and I will devour it in seconds and love you forever. I believe I’ve mentioned my obsession with rose flavoured things before. (Feel free to shower me with such gifts.) When this Dolfin Earl Grey flavoured chocolate arrived in my pigeonhole, I was stupidly excited. 

I love the folded packaging. The bar is wrapped in a sealed pack and slips into a plastic covered pouch. I kind of like the fact that it looks like a tobacco pouch. It’s a small detail that makes the chocolate feel slightly forbidden. The big question was, how well would the delicate bergamot break through the rich, dark, spicy chocolate? Surprisingly well, actually. It somehow managed to jump back and forth between both flavours at the same time and I’m completely hooked. I was all “Oooh, there’s the Earl Grey. And the chocolate. Earl Grey again. Chocolate. Earl Grey. CHOCOLATE! EARL GREY!” I could go on, but I think you get it. Maybe I’ll get some more to ‘celebrate’ my first Monday back at work. It will not be a good day. 

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