Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

I've become a little fixated with the beach and the sea lately. It's possibly due to the fact that I've watched too many episodes of Bondi Rescue over the past few weeks, which has been my quiet obsession for many years. My need to see Australia isn't so quiet. That's been a fixture at the back of my brain forever. This pressing desire to walk along the sand and feel the force of crashing waves on my body isn't new either. I've always wanted to live at the beach, or at least visit often. It feels right. It's been a long time since I had a proper holiday away from home, even longer since I had a summer holiday and even longer again since I had a beach holiday. Being unable to travel for health reasons is a real kicker. I'll get there eventually, but the waiting is a crashing bore.

Yesterday I finally got round to listening to Friendly Fires' second album Pala. I've been meaning to listen to it for a couple of months but kept forgetting. It's the most perfect beach music. It feels like summer holidays. I actually wrote a rather wordy, pretentious review of it yesterday for my own amusement, but this is not the place to share it. I'll just say that within 24 hours it has become my soundtrack to everything. It was my soundtrack in work when teenagers gagging to grab a place at university kept calling me and I had to keep telling them we were full, to the sound of despondent sighs. It was my soundtrack last night when the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it and I had to put it straight again. It was my soundtrack this morning when I sat quietly writing, pretending it wasn't lashing down with rain, and my guess is that it will act as a musical PiƱa Colada when winter storms move in. 

This is Hawaiian Air, probably the most famous track from the album and one of my favourites. Lie back, think of warm sand under your feet, taste the salt in the air and enjoy! 

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