Friday, 22 July 2011

A rose by any other name....

....just doesn't taste the same!

I'm a total sucker when it comes to packaging. I buy books on the subject of packaging design and try to collect really interesting foreign pieces. Two of my favourite things are a Taiwanese Pineapple Cake box my boss brought back from a trip there (I rescued it from the recycling bin), and a plywood box of insanely expensive salted caramel products I ordered from France. The Pineapple Cake is apparently a national delicacy. It's famous round my way for making my tongue pulsate when I ate it. Make of that what you will!

A few months ago I bought some Sence Rare European Rose Nectar drink as a treat from the Harvey Nichols food hall. The bottle looked so pretty and I'd crawl over hot coals for anything that tastes of roses. I bought it for the packaging but became totally addicted to the drink, which I managed to down in about 20 seconds. Twas an expensive little tipple.

Look at it there. Taunting me. Being all pink and rosy and delicious. You cruel beast!
The problem is that it's made from a particular kind of rose (the Kazanlak), which is only harvested for three weeks of the year in early summer. This makes it a limited product to begin with, but now that everyone's starting to figure out just how fantastic it tastes, it's even more in demand. It's not for sale anywhere in the UK at the moment and it's driving me to distraction. I'm craving it like a drug addict craves their next chemical rush. The next time it becomes available, I feel I may need to ask my credit card nicely if it'll allow me to buy a crate. I NEED MY PRICEY ROSE SYRUP AND WATER!

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