Wednesday, 20 July 2011

On an unexpected empty day.....

I had written a long list of chores to be done today, the reason being that I was supposed to be checked into hospital tomorrow for long-awaited jaw surgery on Friday. Unfortunately, I was called yesterday afternoon to confirm that my surgery has to be postponed by about a month to allow a more urgent case to use the slot. I'm pretty bummed out about it, but from what I understand the person taking my place actually needs what could be life-saving surgery. If I were them, I'd want people to step aside for me too.

So now that I have a few free days ahead to make my way through those boring but highly necessary chores, I decided to have a truly lazy day. And by lazy, I mean I'd taken my bra off by lunch time and had my pyjama bottoms back on by 5:30pm. I even managed to convince the bloke who turned up unexpectedly to install a new electricity meter that he really didn't need to do the job today and he should probably come back another time.

I was especially tired today. I suppose all that nervous energy I'd be living on in the lead up to my now delayed operation finally ran out. I used this opportunity to catch up on the crazy number of blogs I follow, while scoffing some of last night's leftovers.
When I logged in to Bloglovin' I had 412 unread posts! I can't honestly say that I read them all thoroughly, but I spent the afternoon going through each blog individually, picking out the most appealing posts to read properly. And I did all this while DVDs of Friends ran in the background. (It was the second half of series eight in case you're interested. )

I also took the opportunity to go back through some of the photos I haven't posted here yet. You wouldn't believe the number of posts that could be written from my photo archive, so I'll use these next few days I was supposed to be away to share some with you.

One of my most favourite things I've discovered lately were loaded, Mexican, sweet potatoes. They're roasted and topped with avocado chunks, red onion, lime juice, manchego cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and chipotle relish. I'm not usually a fan of sweet potatoes, but these are absolutely lovely. The first time I made them (just for myself) I made my own tortilla chips by dry-frying triangles of flour wraps. The second time, I also made a huge pot of beef chili to go with it. Some of fellow diners didn't believe me that a vegetarian meal could be filling. None of us were able to finish the chili and I had the pleasure of being rather smug.

I'll be back tomorrow with more goodies.

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