Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Naughty Goats

I've spent my whole life wanting to live somewhere warm, now I'm finding myself drawn to cold places. Maybe that's why my interest in Scandinavia is growing so quickly. (Wales is caught somewhere in the middle and usually drenched in rain.) For my birthday I was given Scandilicious by Signe Johansen. It's packed full of lovely recipes, gorgeous photography and, best of all, the recipes all offer alternative ingredients if you can't find the authentic items listed.

I'm going to be cooking quite a lot from it over the coming weeks, so I hope to share some of the best dishes here, but the first I picked was a really easy but utterly delicious lunch. This recipe is for Danish Goat's Cheese, radish and rosehip smorbrod - basically a Danish version of cheese on toast.

The bread (I used heavy Swedish rye) is toasted, then covered with a thick layer of soft goat's cheese. It's then topped with sliced radish, smoked salt, rosehip syrup and chervil. I didn't have the rosehip syrup so used the pomegranate molasses suggested as an alternative. I also used parsley instead of chervil as they're all from roughly the same family.

It was so good I packed all the ingredients up and took them to work with me the next day to have again at my desk. I've had it twice again since. Something special happens when all those individual pieces come together. The pomegranate/rosehip has a sharp, tangy hit that cuts through the creaminess of the cheese. The crunch of the fresh radish is perfect against the dense chewiness of the bread and the herbs and salt seem to draw everything together at the end.

I should point out that as soon as I took this picture and started eating it, it was so good I pretty much covered the whole lot in an extra pile of goat's cheese. It didn't look as pretty and it was a bit naughty, but who cares about being good anyway, right?

I love a naughty goat!

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