Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sun, Letters and Tea

After grumbling on Saturday that the British weather seemed to have bypassed summer and jumped straight to autumn, my pleas were heard. Sunday was the most beautifully warm, sunny day. It went a little something like this.....

I spent most of the afternoon writing two letters. They're two of the three tricky letters I've been trying to write for about three months. I've decided now that the third won't be written for a long time. Difficult as they were to write, I also enjoyed the whole process of writing a letter by hand. I got to thinking about how letter writing is kind of a lost art. I so rarely write on paper these days, by the time I was ready to tape down the seal on the envelopes, my hand was aching. A couple of weeks ago I got a card and a photo from my wonderful friend Lisa in Canada. It reminded me of when we first met some 12 years ago and used to send bits and pieces back and forth to each other. Convenient and indispensable as email and the Internet are, there's nothing quite as exciting as finding a pretty, hand-written envelope on your doormat. I'd like to write more.

After I'd finished writing my letters I rewarded myself with some jasmine tea in my newest teacup and saucer. I spent more on this teacup than any of the others in my collection (all five of them), but it's so cute I really don't mind. From the minute I saw it on eBay I'd pretty much decided it would be mine whatever the cost. 

Jasmine tea is an acquired taste, but I love it. It's my favourite part of a Chinese meal. Yes, even more than the crispy duck or the beef in black bean sauce. This cup of tea was made with Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine. It's almost always out of stock when I try to buy it from John Lewis. In the sachet are green tea leaves and jasmine flowers rolled into tiny balls. By the time the water has fully infused them, the little pearls have opened out and filled the sachet. It's like magic. 

I sipped my tea and for the next hour read some more of Caitlin Moran's How To Be a Woman. It's the most fantastic, honest, funny book about being a woman. I'm loving it and it's strengthening my views on womanhood. 

This was all followed by an evening of watching Beyonce close Glastonbury. I've always thought she was great but this was just outstanding. I have no words to explain how utterly brilliant she was. I cried. TWICE! What has become of me? :) 

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