Saturday, 25 June 2011

It's Summer(ish)!

Wimbledon started on Monday and Glastonbury started yesterday. This means three things:

  • It will rain for the entire week and turn everything to mud.
Oh Glasto!
  • Strawberries finally taste gorgeous. 
  •  It's officially British summertime. 
Right on cue, the heavens opened this week and drowned us in torrential rain. Lovely. So much for enjoying some strawberries in the sunshine to celebrate the start of Wimbledon. Actually, I don't care two jots about tennis. It's all a little polite for me. But it does give me an excuse to scoff strawberries covered in lashings of double cream by the punnet-load. Sadly, my plans for a garden picnic on Monday were scuppered by this:

Yesterday it was so cold I had to pull on some thick socks and a hoodie to warm up. And I'm ALWAYS warm. (Ask the people I share an office with!) In an act of defiance against this appalling June weather, I took to my bed yesterday evening with pile of strawberries, some sugar, some double cream (with added vanilla bean paste), my phone, my laptop and an abundance of blog posts waiting for me in my Bloglovin' feed.

A few years ago a good friend of mine bought me a porcelain fruit basket while visiting her family in Spain. If I remember correctly, she was so worried about it smashing on the way home, she had her husband carry it all the way back to Britain. Poor Jordi! For that reason (and because it's just lovely) I make a point of using it every summer. It was a peaceful, if a little chilly, hour.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! I love the strawberry bowl. You're quite a photographer, Miss Rae! And we have matching lap tops. :) I love mine.

  2. I would sell my pets to buy another MacBook before I went back to a PC now. I love it. And as for the photography, borrowing a flashy camera certainly helps, but I do enjoy taking the pictures. :)