Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Last Spoonful of Christmas

A few days before Christmas I was lucky enough to be given a mini Christmas Pudding from The Beehive Bakery. I was perplexed when a box turned up with a Newcastle postmark. I was almost giddy when I opened it though. Even just having the business cards was exciting.

If you've never heard of the Beehive Bakery, it's owned by Stacie Stewart, who was one of last year's MasterChef Finalists, and as the name suggests, there is some hardcore backcombing involved.

Now you remember, right? I was genuinely gutted when Stacie left the competition. She was one of my all-time favourite contestants and I loved her homely food. Remember that giant Victoria Sponge? Amazing.

Anyway, knowing that I was rather privileged to have one of these limited supply puddings in my possession, I didn't eat it straight away. I didn't want it to get lost in a sea of Christmas food, spiced fruit cake, mince pies or even other Christmas puddings. I vowed to keep it until the very end of January so that I could fully appreciate it. I did just that. I awarded it to myself after a particularly traumatic food experience (more on that next week) on the very last day or January. It was worth the wait. It was so light and didn't have any of the stodginess I associate with Christmas pudding. My favourite thing about it was that you could taste each individual ingredient, but it still came together beautifully as a pudding. It was by far one of the nicest Christmas puddings I've ever tasted. Recommended for next year.

I have a sudden urge to go and backcomb my hair now.....

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