Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kitchen Dreams: Cabbage Plate

A long time ago I saw the perfect kitchen. It was in BBC Good Food magazine and it was lovely. I was due a magazine amnesty (I'm a terrible magazine hoarder), but when I went to rip out the perfect kitchen pages, I couldn't find them. I carefully flicked through each page in every single copy. There were a lot. But nothing. Somehow, the only copy of the magazine I was desperate to keep had already bitten the big one.

If only I could remember who this kitchen belonged to I could buy a back-copy. What I can remember is that nothing matched. Everything was so mismatched it worked beautifully. Every piece of old crockery had been bought individually and there were no cumbersome cupboards hiding everything away. It makes sense that if you're going to take the time to find each plate in your kitchen and make it unique, you might as well pile them up and admire your efforts.  Much as I'm a junkie for sleek lines and modern design, I'm old fashioned gal at heart. I vowed at that moment that I'd assemble the perfect kitchen.

This was years ago and somehow the idea fell by the wayside. I've decided that now is the time to start gathering pieces for my perfect kitchen. I'll share them with you as I acquire them. I started this week with the purchase of a Wedgewood cabbage plate. I love how deep the emerald green colour is and at £1.74 I really couldn't let it go. I tried taking a quick picture with my phone but my little friend decided she wanted to play with it. And they say cats don't like vegetables!

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