Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I'm back

Wow! Busy times. Last week crept up on me a bit. I spent the first half of the week in something of a daze after an almost entirely sleepless night on Sunday night. Going without sleep is never advisable for me. I then had a busy few days in work, followed by a hospital visit which wiped out half my weekend. The good news though, is that the little break means I've got a long list of posts just waiting to be shared with you. I'll do my best to start rolling them out over the next few days.

That sleepless night I mentioned was the result of staying up most of Sunday night/Monday morning to watch a live professional wrestling pay-per-view. It just happens to be one of my other passions in life. Ssshhhh! We'll keep that on the down-low. It's not like I also run a wrestling blog or anything. Ahem. Most of the night was spent eating junk food, including some homemade wrestling themed ice cream bars. Actually, all that salt and sugar might have been what kept me awake. Anyway, I was informed that these were once in circulation:

I don't think they were ever on sale in the UK, but I felt a little like I'd missed out, so I made my own. Admittedly they weren't as neat and tidy as the official ones, but they did have wafers, chocolate (on the inside), vanilla ice cream and picture of buff wrestlers. The wrestlers, I should add, were unfortunately inedible. They had to be removed before eating. Still great fun though.

I'll be back throughout the week with new posts and next week I'll tell you all about my attempts at curing my aversion to French food.  x

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