Sunday, 16 January 2011

Tasty Tunes: Hot Bodies in Motion

I'm always fascinated to know what music people listen to when they're cooking, baking or just pottering about in the kitchen, so I thought I'd start sharing mine here. The music I listen to tends to vary depending on my mood and, strangely, depending on what I'm cooking. Recently, my early evening cooking soundtrack has been Deal or No Deal. Don't judge! I like it. I even know all the Noel Edmonds Deal lingo. 

A few days ago though, I discovered Hot Bodies in Motion while flicking through a design blog. I navigated my way to their Vimeo page, was blown away by the video below and immediately bought their new EP on iTunes. They're Seattle based and yet to reach British shores I believe. In something of a tired and grumpy temper yesterday, they improved my mood significantly while cooking some cherrywood smoked sausages. The two sausage baps I practically inhaled helped too of course. 

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